Age Requirement

Private school students must be at least 5 years old by September 1st to qualify for transportation services. 

Zone Requirement

Students must be living and attending school within the same private/parochial zone. 

To confirm if your child is living within the same zone as their school, please contact us.

Mileage Requirement

If you have confirmed your child meets the age requirement and is attending a school within their zone, use the chart below to determine if they meet the mileage requirement based on their grade and walking distance.

*Please note, mileage is based on the walking distance between the home address and assigned school.

K-5th Grade: Must live more than 1 mile

6th Grade: Must live more than 1.5 miles

7-12th Grade: All students eligible for an M7 Tpass

  • If your child does not meet the mileage requirement within their grade range, they are unfortunately ineligible for transportation services.