What is an M7?

A: An M7 is a free Tpass that is active 24/7 throughout the school year and partially throughout summer. M7s can be used at any time during the day for transportation on the MBTA and on select Commuter Rail trips within Boston.

What lines can I use my M7 pass on?

A: M7 Passes are good for unlimited travel on the subway, Local or Express buses, and Commuter Rail Zones 1A, 1, and 2.

What should I do if I lose my pass?

 A: If your M7 is lost/stolen, please report this to your school. School staff will deactivate your old pass, and issue you a new one.

How long will my pass work for?

A: Your pass will work through the end of June. Assuming you still live in Boston and are in grades 7-12, you can receive a new pass during the next registration period in September. If you attend an out-of-district school, you will be asked to provide evidence of eligibility in order to obtain your new pass.

Please see the section on summer T Passes for more information on how to obtain a T-Pass over the summer.

What if I have additional questions? 

A: Please visit the MBTA website or contact schoolbus@bostonpublicschools.org for any additional questions.