Alternative Transportation Requests, MBTA Waiver Requests, and Bus Stop Change Request forms can be submitted through our support portal by clicking here.

Alternative Transportation: Alternative Transportation Requests are used to request that your child is picked up and/or dropped off at an alternate address such as a before/after school program or babysitter’s home. This can be requested even if a student is not eligible for transportation between home and school.

MBTA Waiver Requests: Waiver Requests for students who don’t qualify for yellow bus transportation to ride with their siblings can also be submitted through our Support Portal. 

Bus Stop Change Requests: Bus Stop Change Requests are used to request a new corner stop for your child due to distance or safety reasons. Bus stop change requests will only be reviewed for stops greater than 0.25 miles from the student's home address. Please note that corner stops may be up to 1/2 mile from the student's home address and bus stop change requests are not guaranteed.

Any Requests that were received by August 1, 2021 were guaranteed to be reviewed in time for the start of school. Additional requests are reviewed in the order they are received. Processing time may take up to 2-3 weeks.